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Inside of the mosque, only the necessary objects are place inside of the prayer hall. There are high, raised pulpits with ascending steps called the minbar and from there the Friday sermons are held. There are Arabic calligraphies with the names of Allah (God) and Prophet Muhammad on them. There are also Arabic texts near the mihrab and the floor is covered with Arabic designed carpets.
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In a mosque, prayer halls have no chairs or benches, only rows of carpets, aligned to face the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Near the front of the worship space is a structure called the Minbar, the raised steps where the Imam gives the sermon at the Friday prayer.
A mosque is a Muslim place of worship, where the faithful gather to pray, participate in community events and to exchange information with each other. A mosque always includes a mihrab, a niche in the wall which faces Mecca.
A mosque is a holy place of worship for the Muslim faithful where they perform their prayers. They have evolved from places of worship to centres of learning as also for economic and cultural activities. Most mosques also have a large common area which is designed to accommodate the congregation when they gather for prayers, and separate areas for men and women so that they can pray in peace.
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A Mosque is the place of worship for Islamic or Muslim people. It is like the Christians church. Some are elaborate and others are simple.
1. Remember that a mosque is a holy place and that the temple rules are written directly into the Holy Qur'an. Even if you don't live in accordance with the faith, you should know
A mosque, or masjid as it is known in Arabic, is a place of worship where Muslims, the followers of the religion of Islam, perform their prayers (namaz). A mosque is the centre of
(mŏsk) n. A Muslim house of worship. [French mosquée, from Old French mousquaie, from Old Italian moschea, from moscheta, from Old Spanish mezquita, from Arabic masjid
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The mosque is a Muslim place of worship where the faithful gather to pray, participate in community events, and to exchange information with each other. Mosques ...
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