What Is in Cement?


Some of things that are found in cement include: limestone, silica, iron oxide, alumina and magnesia. It is a hydraulic binder and a key component in concretes and mortars that is mainly used in building of houses.
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Hobbyists who build model kits commonly use plastic cement. The product helps them join together different pieces of strong plastic to erect models such as cars, ships and planes.
Cement is a homogenous mixture. Cement is used as a binding material. Cement is a fine particle. Cement is hardened by adding appropriate quatity of water.
I guess the answer would be different according to how much is consumed and who consumed it. If it's an adult, and a small amount, like a teaspoon or less, I think the stomach acids
For example calcite is a major component of cement.
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Cement is a building material made by heating limestone with small quantities of other materials in a process known as calcination. It is usually mixed with water, sand and gravel to make concrete or mortar. Cement may also refer to a material that binds to things together or an element that binds people.
Cement is a binding substance which sets and hardens independently, it can bind other materials together. Cement is a mixture of claimed limestone and clay; used with water and sand or gravel to make concrete.
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