What Is in Perfume?


Perfumes are usually made from a number of chemicals such as ethanol alcohol and benzyl acetate as well as organic ingredients such as barks, roots, flowers, leaves and fruits as well as wood and resins or sap.
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Perfume is made up of a mixture of alcohol, fragrant aroma, and oils. The more expensive perfumes contain more oil than alcohol thus the fragrance last longer.
Base Ingredients The scented ingredients of a perfume are always blended with a solvent. The solvent either consists of ethanol alcohol or a mix of ethanol alcohol and water. The
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Arguably the only thing that remains new in perfume is the ongoing creation of new synthetic fragrance material, although there is a focus on niche and sustainable or "green&
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What Is in Perfume?
Perfumes were first used in ancient Greece and Egypt, and for thousands of years they were made from natural materials such as flowers, plant oils, resins and roots, and oils from the scent glands of such animals as the musk deer. Most perfumes are now... More »
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Perfume refers to a mixture of fragrant essential oils and/or aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents used to give the human body, animals, objects and living spaces 'a pleasant scent.'
All perfumes, from cost effective drugstore to high end designer brands, have the same basic formula: Water + Alcohol + Fragrance Oils + Chemical Compounds. These four ingredients form the basic structure of a perfume, but the variations of fragrant oils and chemical additives used in each perfume are endless.
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