What is incineration?


Incineration is a waste treatment method that involves rapidly burning the waste to reduce its volume. Incineration creates heat energy that is often used to produce electricity.

Modern incinerators use extremely high temperatures to burn solid trash after hazardous and recyclable substances have been removed. The trash is quickly reduced to ash with heat and flue gas as byproducts of the process, and the flue gas is treated to remove toxins and particles before it returns to the atmosphere. The heat at some facilities is used to turn a turbine to produce electricity, which allows energy recovery from the trash stream. Incinerator ash equals only 4 to 10 percent of the volume of the trash before it was burned, and the ash is disposed of in landfills.

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Incinerators are designed depending upon the physical and chemical characteristics of the waste (sludges, liquids and tars). Fixed-hearth incinerators are used for the destruction
Answer An incinerator is what things are burned in.
( in′sin·ə′rā·shən ) (chemistry) The process of burning a material so that only ashes remain.
Incinerator (n.) is a furnace for incinerating (especially to dispo...
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What Is an Incinerator?
An incinerator is a container for burning garbage or a plant designed for burning garbage on a large-scale. Incineration reduces the waste volume, and the process also yields useful energy.... More »
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