What Is Incineration?


The term incinerate refers to act of burning something completely and eventually reducing it to ruins or ashes. This term can also be described as the act of causing something to undergo combustion or ignition.
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Incinerators are designed depending upon the physical and chemical characteristics of the waste (sludges, liquids and tars) Fixed-hearth incinerators are used for the destruction
Answer An incinerator is what things are burned in.
( in′sin·ə′rā·shən ) (chemistry) The process of burning a material so that only ashes remain.
1. Procure an aluminum trash can. The best vessel to use as a garden incinerator is the classic circular aluminum trash can that has been largely supplanted by the wheeled plastic
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to burn or reduce to ashes; cremate.
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Incineration is a waste treatment technology that involved the combustion of organic materials and substances. Incineration are described as thermal treatment.
Incineration means to burn something up completely. Most often incineration refers to the process of getting rid of waste materials by burning them until nothing but ash remains. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incineration
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An incinerator is an apparatus for burning waste material especially industrial waste usually at high temperatures until it is reduced to ash. It can also be defined ...
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