What Is Incredimail?


IncrediMail is a user-friendly e-mail client application whose name was changed to Perion network. The email application is based in Israel and its main priorities are to develop and market e-mail client programs and desktop applications for home users.
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Designed for the creative personality, IncrediMail offers a variety of bright, colorful backgrounds, unusual fonts and flash animations to spice up the usual black-and-white typed
Incredimail Technical Support Toll Free Phone Number: 1-855-900-0707.
IncrediMail's Support Page. Welcome to IncrediMail’s Support Page. Here you will find a wide range of information and assistance to answer your questions and comments. Source(
IncrediMail does not offer phone support for their free
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What is IncrediMail?
IncrediMail is a multimedia email program that allows you to customize your messages with colorful backgrounds, cartoons, emoticons, animations, fonts and sounds. The IncrediMail software is downloaded to your computer and provides the same function of... More »
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Incredimail is an email program that gives you tons of customization options. They have lots of different layouts, backgrounds, fonts, smiley faces and so on. I used it for a little while but got tired of it quickly.
Incredimail is simply another e mail server. If you are looking for a good, free, webased e mail address, yahoo is a very good one. It is safe and very easy to use.
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