Innate Behavior?


Innate behaviour refers to those behaviours that are instinctive to the organism usually for survival. Such behaviour cannot be learned from the environment. For instance, the stimulus to eat when hungry is innate to all living organisms.
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They move in a jerky fashion like a leaf would in the wind and also have very good camouflage.
Innate behavior = behavior determined by the "hard-wiring" of the nervous system.
Developing strong classroom management skills is crucial to preventing burnout in the profession. Student misconduct and teacher frustration with behavior issues often lead to work
The curriculum can cause specific behavior in the classroom. If the lesson plan proves too challenging for a student to comprehend, she may appear bored and disinterested or even
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Innate behavior is genertically programmed. Individuals inherit a suite of behaviors, just as they inherit physical traits such as body color.
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