Innate Behavior?


Innate behaviour refers to those behaviours that are instinctive to the organism usually for survival. Such behaviour cannot be learned from the environment. For instance, the stimulus to eat when hungry is innate to all living organisms.
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Instinct is a powerful force in the animal world. It dictates the behaviors necessary for survival, especially in species that don't get much guidance from their parents. These behaviors
Innate behaviors are those you develop on your own, which do not need to be taught or learned. You are in essence born with the propensity to display the behavior. Whether or not
Examples of innate behavior: taxes, reflexes, and instincts.
Innate behavior is any type of behavior that is natural and unlearned. These are things that are instinctive. Examples can be: nursing, cry out when feeling pain, to hold breath when
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Innate behavior is genertically programmed. Individuals inherit a suite of behaviors, just as they inherit physical traits such as body color.
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