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Inorganic chemistry is a field of chemistry that is involved with the properties and the behavior of inorganic compounds and compound structures. It covers all chemicals except the chemicals that involve C-H bonds.
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not having the structure or organization characteristic of living bodies.
not characterized by vital processes.
Chemistry noting or pertaining to compounds that are not hydrocarbons or their derivatives.
not fundamental or related; extraneous.
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When something is inorganic it means that it is scientifically manufactured. Trees and grass and oceans are organic. However many chemicals and even fake woods are inorganic.
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Inorganic compounds are thought to be minerals. Most compounds that contain carbon are thought to be inorganic. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are inorganic compounds.
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An inorganic fertilizer is primarily derived from chemical compounds, either mineral or synthetic. It is usually refined into a liquid, powder or granulated form. It can be manufactured
1 If you are new to physics (in reality, everyone is--as physics is constantly opening new frontiers), then read relevant simplified articles and texts, gradually increasing the complexity
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Inorganic is a term used to refer to compounds that are not organic and are hence not of biological origin. It could also denote the study of the synthesis and ...
Any compound that does not contain carbon is considered to be an inorganic compound. An inorganic compound consists of a chemic combination that not only does ...
Inorganic chemistry refers to a field in chemistry that is involved with the behaviour and properties of inorganic compounds. This branch covers all chemical compounds ...
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