Inside a Buddhist Temple?


The main sanctuary of the temple is called the Buddha Hall which has a long sloping roof with curled ridges, large supporting columns and a collection of decorative carvings. The inside of the temple is plainly furnished with dim candle lights surrounding the altar. There are images of Buddha and other lesser deities and little bells on cushions. There are also lacquer boxes with scrolls of sutras.
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Traditional Buddhist temples comprise a set of buildings, each of which has a particular function. You're probably asking about the main Buddha Hall - which is usually the most central
It's quite big, you walk in the door and you will see that the roof is supported by several columns on the left and right. In the middle section which is basically a big long wide
Byodo-in Temple 47-200 Kahekili Hwy Valley of Temples Memorial Park, Kaneohe, HI, 96744
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A Buddhist Temple is usually resplendent in brightly coloured walls, usually gold. At the front there is the giant statue of the Buddha together with representations of the Four Elements: candles (fire), rice offerings (earth), a water jar (water) and an incense burner (air). In some temples you will find meditation cushions, an offering box and wall paintings and murals depicting the life of the Buddha.
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