What is inside a sand dollar?


Sand dollars have five teeth inside them. When broken open, the teeth fall out and are shaped like doves, giving them a legendary meaning.

Sand dollars are flattened, burrowing sea urchins related to sea cucumbers and starfish. The sand dollar's exoskeleton, or test, is made up of calcium carbonate plates arranged in a circular pattern and is covered with a velvety mat and spines with tiny hairs called cilia. These cilia help the animal to move or burrow into the sand and to ferry food into its mouth, located on the underside. Inside the mouth, the sand dollar has a set of five teeth, which produces the rattling sound when the test is shaken.

The Legend of the Sand Dollar is an Easter and Christmas favorite. This story tells of five doves that are inside the sand dollar that, when broken open, spread goodwill and peace.

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The inside of a sand dollar that is made up of the five doves. The Legend
This dried sand dollar was once a living sea urchin. sand dollar on black image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.com. The sand dollar is a type of small sea urchin that has a surprising
Sand Dollars are an echinoderm. Not a 'seashell' in the sense of the mollusk. Here, along the Carolina coast they are found very close to the beach most of the time. If you find a
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Sand dollars that you see on the beach are actually the shell of a once living crustacean. Sand dollars bury themselves almost completely on the ocean floor in ...
Sand dollars are actually skeletons (also called tests) of a sea creature called a sea urchin. While they are alive, the sand dollars have spines on their tests ...
The spiritual meaning of the sand dollar is that the Lord is watching over us and cares beyond what we can comprehend. It is seen as holding the truth of life ...
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