What Is inside a Synagogue?


Inside the synagogue, at the door a number of caps are kept for visitors to put on. The most noticeable objects on the inside are the ark, the Torah scrolls and the prayer board. The scrolls are undressed, rolled out and read in Hebrew.
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In a synagogue, the main feature will be a large prayer hall, as well as smaller rooms for individual study. The building can also sometimes have a social hall, and offices for the officials of that synagogue. Synagogues usually have intricate carvings and artworks on their wall, and beautiful interior design.
Inside a synagogue, one will find a bimah which is a table from which the Torah is read and a desk for the prayer leader. It also has the Torah ark which is a cabinet in which the Torah scrolls are kept. Other traditional features include a continually lit lamp or lantern,a large seven-branched candelabrum commemorating the full Menorah and a lectern for the rabbi.
Every synagogue contains an Ark, which is a cupboard where the Torah Scrolls, which contain the text of the Hebrew Bible, are kept, and a desk from which to read the Torah. An ‘Eternal Light’ (called Ner Tamid) hangs above the Ark. At the centre of the building there is the platform and the desk for Torah readings called the Bimah.
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There are chairs, a table or lectern for reading the Torah, a lectern at which the person who leads the prayers stands, and there is a holy ark in which the Torah scroll is kept.
It's much like a church in many respects...house of worship and all. All synagogues (the 'chapel' or sanctuary) have a Holy Ark (named after the Ark of the covenant, and having some
The synagogue is where Jewish people go to worship God. There is a platform (called a "bima" at the front of the room or, in some synagogues, it is situated in the middle
The assembled congregation prays and reads from the Torah. What
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A synagogue is a Jewish house of prayer in which Jews congregate to pray and learn. The synagogue is a house of assembly, a house of prayer it is spoken of as ...
A synagogue is a large hall in which the Jews conduct their prayer sessions. All synagogues are normally unique in design; however, they all contain ner tamid, ...
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