What is insight learning?


Insight learning is a kind of learning or problem solving that occurs suddenly through understanding the relationships of the different parts of a problem rather than through test and error. Insight learning can as well be described as an epiphany and eureka.
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"Psychology Today" gives an example of how a chimp who could not reach a banana suddenly had the insight to extend the length of its arm by using a rake to get the fruit
An example of insight learning is a monkey is in a barred cage who, hours upon hours attempts with a stick tries to get a banana outside the cage. Realizing after a while that if
Insight learning is solving problems not based on actual experience (like trial and error
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What Is Insight Learning?
Insight learning stands on the opposite side of the spectrum from associative learning. Scientist Wolfgang Kohler discovered this model of learning. Associative learning -- also known as trial and error learning -- requires repeated attempts to learn a... More »
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Insight Learning is learning through problem solving. The is accomplished by using reasoning to solve the problem and reach conclusions, inferences, and judgments.
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