What is insight learning?


Insight learning is a kind of learning or problem solving that occurs suddenly through understanding the relationships of the different parts of a problem rather than through test and error. Insight learning can as well be described as an epiphany and eureka.
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An example of insight learning is a monkey is in a barred cage who, hours upon hours attempts with a stick tries to get a banana outside the cage. Realizing after a while that if
I do not know if this angle has been explored in cognitive psychology, but i do see 'certainity' or strength of belief as an important cognitive correlate of high levels of drive.
Participants in Insight programs will not be bored, not like other training seminars. All Insight programs are geared to make training enjoyable and educational. There is always a
Everyone has their own unique method of learning. Some people can sit down with a book and retain everything they need to know in a few hours. Others need to practice things repeatedly
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What Is Insight Learning?
Insight learning stands on the opposite side of the spectrum from associative learning. Scientist Wolfgang Kohler discovered this model of learning. Associative learning -- also known as trial and error learning -- requires repeated attempts to learn a... More »
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Insight Learning is learning through problem solving. The is accomplished by using reasoning to solve the problem and reach conclusions, inferences, and judgments.
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