What Is Interdependence?


Interdependence also refers to the mutuality or the association whereby there is a reciprocation of a relation in terms of principles, responsibilities and values. These principles are among living organisms, individuals, objects or groups and each member benefits from that association.
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the quality or condition of being interdependent, or mutually reliant on each other: Globalization of economies leads to an ever-increasing interdependence of countries.
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The dynamic relationships among all living things and the systems in which those things exist, these relationships are of mutual dependence for the survival or success of each individual constituent and of the whole unit.
Interdependence is a term used to illustrate the relationship between two or more people or organizations, in which their sustained benefit is mutual. To illustrate, Group A can't do what they need to do without Group B doing what they need to do, which depends on Group A. . .
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Interdependent is two or more people, things, countries or what ever you please that are dependent on each other for their success or well being.
interdependent interdependent [íntərdi péndənt] adj 1. depending on each other: unable to exist or survive without each other interdependent organisms 2. with
A main premise of interdependence is that we rely on one another in society for survival and to thrive as people. The benefit is that we are generally not alone in our efforts to
The success of the modern Japanese economy has hinged upon how Japan balances its regional
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The term interdependence is used to refer to a reciprocal relationship between two parties or entities. This word can also be defined as a relation of mutual dependence ...
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