What is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation?


Intrinsic motivation is a kind of impetus that you get when you are doing something you enjoy. Extrinsic motivation is on the other hand is impetus from something you do not like all that much but rewards at the end. Extrinsic motivation is easier to fabricate than intrinsic motivation.
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Intrinsic motivation occurs when the learning activity and the learning
Motivation is the force that drives us forward, keeps us from staying put or sitting still. The energy that gets day to day tasks done. Intrinsic motivation refers to the pleasure
My dear Brandyla..... Well...an intrinsic motivation is when you wish to ...let's say achieve something out of your own, inner desire. Most ambitious inclined people are motivated
Motivation is an internal state that can direct a person’s actions towards a certain end. Working on a job or working towards a goal requires some form of motivation to be in
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About Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation
Depending on who you talk to, a given motivation springs from very basic needs. It could be eating because you're hungry, covering up because you're cold. It could be selfish or selfless, moral or immoral. No matter what a motivation entails, it is can... More »
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