What Is Involved in a Car Tune-up?


A car tune up is a very significant part of a car's maintenance and it involves replacing some of the crucial parts of a car such as the spark plugs and air filters. The spark plugs help ignite the gas to start a car, hence they are very important. A car tune up should be done roughly every two years.
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What Is Involved in a Car Tune-Up?
A car tune-up is a necessary part of a good vehicle maintenance program. By ensuring the proper function and performance of a vehicle engine and all of its supporting systems, a good car tune-up ensures optimal engine performance, maximizes vehicle gas... More »
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A car tune up is an automotive maintenance operation that involves replacing spark plugs and distributor points. The car tune up also includes inspecting or replacing the cap, rotor, fuel and air filters. The purpose of a car tune up is to ensure that the operation of the vehicle is at peak efficiency.
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