What Is Ip44?


IP44 refers to a rating that is used in the determination of the level of protection that a lighting source has from water, steam and dust. IP44 is commonly used in bathrooms and it is one of the highest ratings
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IPx5 is a bit better for outdoor electricals, here is a list of IP ratings, you can decide for yourself. http://www.protectingpeople.co.uk/fire_t… Source(s): S/e electrician
ip44 is made of real dog pea ip54 is artificial dog pea.
Now I can keep the controller outside, I might just be able to get the plug inside. Failing that, I'm leaning towards a BAS-style box. My guess is that Homebase put the 'box inside'
IP40 - Protection against ingress of solid particles with a diameter greater than 1mm. No special protection against ingress of water. IP44 - Protection against ingress of solid particles
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