What Is Israel's Money Called?


The Israeli currency is called Sheqel or New Sheqel and its symbol is NIS. This name comes from an ancient biblical legal tender from the time of the patriarch where Abraham who bought a cave for 400 Sheqel.
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The Israeli currency is called New Shekel.
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The Israeli New Shekel is the currency for Israel
The monetary unit of Israel is the Shekel It was introduced on September 4 1985 and is issued by the Bank of Israel.
The currency in Israel is known as shekel. The initials are NIS meaning for New Israeli Shekel. In Israel US dollars are acceptable in many places, as well as travellers' cheques and international credit cards.
The unit of currency used in Israel is called the New Israeli Shekel (NIS). Israel is also considered one of the advanced countries within Southwest Asia on economic and industrial development.
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