What Is It Called When a Solid Changes to a Gas?


The process of gas changing into solid is known as deposition and the opposite of this process is called sublimation. Generally, deposition is the settling of particles (vapour or solution) or residue onto a surface.
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The process through which a solid phase changes into a gaseous phase is known as sublimation. This happens without the solid going through the liquid phase and it needs additional energy for this to happen.
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The process that takes place when a gas changes into solid is known as deposition. When a solid changes into gas, the process is called sublimation. This is when ...
The phase change of a liquid into solid is refereed to as solidification or freezing. It happens when the temperature of the substance is lowered below its freezing ...
Solidification or freezing is the term used for the process in which a liquid becomes a solid. Freezing is an exothermic process that also is an example of a phase ...
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