What Is Jai Alai?


The term jai alai refers to a courtyard game in which players use a long hand-shaped basket that are fastened to the wrist to propel a ball against a wall. This game is normally played by two people at a time.
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jai a·lai
[hahy lahy, hahy uh-lahy, hahy uh-lahy]
a game resembling handball, played on a three-walled court between two, four, or six players who are equipped with a long, curved wicker basket, or cesta, strapped to the wrist for catching and throwing a small, hard ball against the front wall.
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Jai alai is a type of ball sport that is played with a rubber ball and an curved arm holder that catches and throws the ball. The name came from Cuba! Wanna play?
1. Serve the ball by bouncing it behind the serve line and then hurl it against the front wall with the wicker cesta basket. Upon rebound, the ball must bounce between lines 4 and
the inventor of jai alai was lucas auriemo
Definition not found. Did you mean: jaw, jay, jati, jain, jail, ala, ali, salai, alar ?
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A jai alai ball is also known as pelota. This ball game originated in Spain's Basque region over 300 years ago, is played in a three-walled court with a hard rubber ...
Jai alai is an indoor sport. It is a variety of the Basque Pelota. The Jai alai baskets are the equipment used by players to hurl the ball. It is a popular sports ...
Jai Alai is a game played with a small, hard ball in a court with three walls. The players have a wicker basket strapped to one arm. In Florida, it is a betting ...
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