What is a Japanese hair straightener?


A Japanese hair straightening treatment involves a solution to break down the curl pattern of the hair along with a blowdryer, flat iron and a neutralizer. The treatment lasts up to six months. It is similar to the Brazilian treatment but does not use formaldehyde as the Brazilian treatment does.

A Japanese hair straightening treatment is intensive and may damage hair, especially if the hair has been colored or had other chemical treatments. The treatment is permanent, and additional treatments may not be applied to the hair afterwards. According to About.com, some salons have discontinued use of the treatment due to its high risk factor.

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Japanese hair straightening, also known as thermal reconditioning,
1. Call salons to find out if they have someone who performs Japanese thermal hair straighteners. It requires special training and not every salon has a stylist who does the procedure
You can wash it with any normal shampoo, but you have to wash it 3 days after you get it done.
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About Japanese Hair Straightening
Japanese hair straightening originated in Japan in the early 2000s. The process is also referred to as thermal reconditioning, Magic Straight, Bio Ionic Straightening and Rebonding. It is also sometimes called the Yuko System, after the Japanese stylist... More »
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To get Japanese Straitening Treatments, look for thermal reconditioning because that means the same thing. Japanese chemicals may be harsh so make sure that you ...
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The perks of getting the Japanese hair straightening process or Thermal Reconditioning are that it will last until the hair is cut again. A retouch is performed ...
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