In which martial arts does Jason Statham participate?


Jason Statham is a former diver and a well known English actor. His martial arts background includes studies in Wing Chun Kung fu, karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kickboxing. While acting, he performs most of his stunts and scenes.
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Jason Statham has a "mixed bag" of training. His trainer, Corey Yuen mixes in various styles. It seems to primarily be in karate / Win Chun.
Jason Statham studied mixed martial Arts and is
Oh for crying out loud, people, it may be choreographed, but the style is based on Savate, (French foot-fighting).
Matt Damon was training in Kali for the fight scenes. The primary fight choreographer was Jeff Imada assisted by Damon Caro and Jonathan Eusebio, all students of Dan Inosanto. The
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