In which martial arts does Jason Statham participate?


Jason Statham is a former diver and a well known English actor. His martial arts background includes studies in Wing Chun Kung fu, karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kickboxing. While acting, he performs most of his stunts and scenes.
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Jason Statham is well trained in Mixed Martial Arts and is an expert in
Oh for crying out loud, people, it may be choreographed, but the style is based on Savate, (French foot-fighting).
Rik Lostritto studied Kwoi Kan karate-do while in college. Although his initial period of study was just one year, it provided him with the basic tools of discernment in terms of
Although you could say that I was born into a Martial Arts school, I wasn't allowed to start taking formal classes until I was Nine. My father had a couple of Karate schools named
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