In which martial arts does Jason Statham participate?


Jason Statham is a former diver and a well known English actor. His martial arts background includes studies in Wing Chun Kung fu, karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kickboxing. While acting, he performs most of his stunts and scenes.
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Jason Statham has a "mixed bag" of training. His trainer, Corey Yuen mixes in various styles. It seems to primarily be in karate / Win Chun.
I answer this question once a week. C- note should get a chance to answer too. Anyway, the correct Answer is a style called Kali. It is the American version of FMA (Filipino Martial
EditHistoryDelete In the movie's DVD Special Features, the fight choreographer (Jeff Imada) states that the fight sequences were predominantly based on the Filipino stick fighting
Jason Stathom has practiced and
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