What is Jefferson Davis famous for?


Jefferson Davis served as the first and only president of the Confederate States of America, according to the Civil War Trust. Prior to that office, he made a name for himself as Mexican War hero, senator and U.S. Secretary of War. His reputation as a skilled administrator made him a choice compromise selection for president in the south.

Davis began his foray into public life when he became a delegate for the Mississippi Democratic party's state convention in 1840. His military history and success as a plantation owner won him the respect of his peers. After a couple of unsuccessful bids for the U.S. Congress, he won a House seat in 1845. Davis took on a pro-slavery, states' rights platform that bolstered his reputation within the Democratic Party.

Davis resigned from his seat in Congress a year later to fight in the Mexican War. His exemplary service in a regiment known as the Mississippi rifles added to his popularity, a fact that contributed to his senatorial appointment in 1847. Although he failed in his run for governor, his record was sufficiently strong to warrant an appointment to President Franklin Pierce's cabinet as Minister of War in 1853. There, he proved himself as an able administrator and military mind. When the Confederate Congress deliberated the selection of a provisional president in 1861, these qualities made Davis the first choice.

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He was a president . And he was also very important to America . Especially the Southern states . I hope this helped you . I'm new to answering questions . Any one else want to help
Davis, Jefferson Columbus (1828-79) Union army officer and member of the garrison of Fort Sumter when its bombardment initiated the Civil War (1861). Davis left the regular army when
Jefferson Columbus Davis (March 2, 1828 - November 30, 1879) was an officer in
Jefferson Davis he was the President of the confederate states of america. He was an American politician who served as president of the confederate state of america for its entire
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Jefferson Davis
Jefferson Davis was the only president of the Confederate States of America, the group of southern states that seceded from the United States and prompted the Civil War (1861-65). Davis was born in Kentucky and spent his childhood in Mississippi. A grad... More »
Born: June 3, 1808, Christian County, Kentucky
Died: December 6, 1889
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