What Is Justin Bieber's Real Cell Phone Number?


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The personal phone numbers of celebrities are not publicly available.
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HONESTLY i swear 2 god i am justin biebers sister and his REAL REAL cell# is 3948665 i have his phone right now but call it and i will give u info and tell him your# and tell him
It will be almost impossible to ever find it out because they don't use their real name on the telephone plan and they also do not use their name when they book a hotel room, airplane
Justin Bieber's real cell phone number is private and
No phone number listed; contact Justin Bieber via myspace.com/justinbieber or twitter: @justinbieber!
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Justin Bieber does not publish his real phone number. His official fan phone number is 1-855-588-9090 (toll free) or 1-289-588-9090.
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