What Is Keratin Debris?


Keratin debris is accumulated keratin found between the nail and nail bed. Keratin debris is the main cause of nail disorders. Keratin is the protein that makes up the nail, hair and outer skin.
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Keratin debris can build up under toenails and fingernails, causing separation between the nail and nail bed. If left untreated, nails can split and fall off. Because keratin debris
A fungus infection can cause darkened toenails and the keratin debris to
In semi plain English keratin is a tipe of folding Protien.folding protein is when protein folds.not sure why though.keratin is around the outer part of hair and is also in protein.or
Process by which epithelial cells become horny due to deposition of keratin; may occur excessively and inappropriately in vitamin A deficiency.
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What Is Keratin Debris?
Keratin is a fibrous protein found in nails, hair and the outer layer of skin. It is normally hard, but can become soft under the nail in the presence of moisture. Nail disorders are often due to keratin debris spreading within the nail bed.... More »
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