What Is Keratinization?


Keratinisation is a process by which the epithelial cells lose their humidity and are restored by horny tissue. This process occurs when the keratin cells push upward through the skin, die and then harden thus changing into hair or nails.
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Beta-keratin Reptiles and birds manufacture beta-keratin to create feathers, hoofs, scales, horns and claws. Alpha-keratin Alpha-keratin is the variety of keratin produced by mammals
The process by which cells are hardened to make skin, nails, and hair.
Process by which epithelial cells become horny due to deposition of keratin; may occur excessively and inappropriately in vitamin A deficiency.
A scleroprotein or albuminoid substance, found in the dead outer skin layer, and in horn, hair,
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What Is Keratin?
Keratin is a strong, fibrous protein manufactured in the body that makes hair, nails, and the top layer of skin (epidermis). Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and depending on the composition of the amino acids forming the keratin, it can... More »
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