What is "kriya yoga"?


Kriya yoga refers to a method in which one gets a union of breath and soul in each inhalation and exhalation taken. This is also referred to as the union of an individual's soul with the spirit.
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Kriya Yoga is an ancient technique for self-realization which is we...
Kriya Yoga is a very specific system of Yoga that was revived in modern times by Lahiri Mahasaya, c 1861. Paramahansa Yogananda brought it into widespread public awareness through
Kriya Yoga explores the ways that breath, energy and mind interact. Guided meditations are a primary means of experiencing sound, light and vibrations of the Divine. Ancient disciplines
Agni Sara is a cleansing practice - agni means fire, and in this practice the internal fire is stoked, helping to heat up the body from within in order to stimulate digestion and
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