What is "kriya yoga"?


Kriya yoga refers to a method in which one gets a union of breath and soul in each inhalation and exhalation taken. This is also referred to as the union of an individual's soul with the spirit.
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The Outer Tantras are the first three divisions in the ninefold division of practice according to the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. This system divides the whole of the Buddhist
1. Kriya Yoga is a part of 'Karma Yoga' (the Yoga of action). It consists of various Kriya-s (techniques of control of Prana) to help ascend 'Kundalini' to the seventh center - 'Sahasrara
Kriya Yoga explores the ways that breath, energy and mind interact. Guided meditations are a primary means of experiencing sound, light and vibrations of the Divine. Ancient disciplines
Kriyayoga actually means khadayoga. The action(Kriya) performed in it is breathing exercise.
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