What is kung bo chicken?


Gung Bo gai ding, better known as Kung pao chicken, is a famous dish from the spicy repertoire of Guizhou province in south-central China. The tasty meal was brought to the United States by immigrants from Sichuan province, who added peanuts to the original recipe. It has since become one of the most popular Chinese dishes in the United States.
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Beer Suggestions: This particular Kung Pao Chicken recipe is rather tame compared to some that I've had. Many Chinese restaurants like to place this dish on the fiery end of their
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Kung pao chicken is from Kentucky Chicken. Just like chupacabra is from cabrachup. Kung Pao, Kentucky chicken, Mc chicken BK chicken are from the same source. The same chicken being
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Kung Bo chicken is chicken that is cubed with dried whole chilli peppers, green peppers and celery in a spicy Kung Bo sauce topped with peanuts. It is better known as Kung Pao chicken and is a famous dish from the spicy repertoire of Guizhou province in China.
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