What is a laminating machine?


A laminating machine is a tool used to apply a film plastic surface on and an item. It makes the material tear proof and waterproof by encapsulating the item completely on both sides.
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A laminating machine is a machine that provide a protective covering for a document. A document can consist of one or more pages. A laminating machine help keep your document looking
Commercial laminating machines, especially in poorly ventilated premises, may be a source of occupational diseases to their operators. According to a work health report published
Between 460 and 377 B.C. Hippocrates cleaned surgical instruments by pouring boiling water over them. Between 1729 and 1799 Italian biologist Lazzaro Spallanzani discovered that bacteria
to reduce the eddy current loss in the machine.
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A lamination machine is a machine which coats cardstock, paper or other materials with a thin sheet of plastic. It is normally a layer of lamina substance which is also called a laminator and the process is called lamination.
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