What Is Land Pollution?


Land pollution is the destruction of Earth's land surfaces through misuse of land resources by human activities. Polluted land has deposits of liquid and solid waste such as rubbish, garbage, paper, glass and plastic objects.
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1. Dispose of waste properly. Sometimes people do not take the time to throw trash into the wastebasket. Instead, trash is discarded directly on the ground. This not only can result
•Encourage organic farming - buy organic food. •Proper garbage disposal - separate your garbage before you give it to the garbage collector; and strictly say NO to plastic
Land run off is when a pollutant which could be somthing as simple as animal dung, is wash of the land and in to a water course. It could be any toxic chemical from a industrial site
We can stop land pollution by using environmentally safe products, recycling,
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What Pollutes the Land?
Living "green" requires both action and education. Before you take steps towards green living, educate yourself on the types and causes of pollution. Land pollution is a common type of pollution caused by domestic waste and waste from industry and... More »
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Land pollution is disposing trash, waste, and chemicals into our land and soil. The land pollution can be dangerous for crops because it could contaminate the foods we eat.
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Land pollution comes from waste and in the soil. Illegal garbage dumps and soil with high levels of pesticides and herbicides are examples of land pollution. ...
Land pollution refers to the degradation of Earth's land surfaces. It is caused by a number of factors which include inefficient use of land, soil pollution, land ...
Pollution is when contaminants cause bad changes in the natural environment. Most land pollution is caused by landfills and dump sites. This is where unrecyclable ...
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