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Lassi is a sweet or savoury cold yoghurt drink from India or Pakistan. It's made from blended yoghurt with water or milk and Indian spices. There are several flavours of lassis such as lemon lassis, strawberry lassis and banana lassis and are enjoyed chilled as refreshments. Special lassis with ingredients like honey are commonly used in some Hindu rituals.
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[las-ee, luhs-ee]
an Indian beverage of yogurt or buttermilk, water, and spices, often with the addition of fruit or sweetener.
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Lassi is a popular and traditional South Asian yogurt-based drink. It is prepared by made by blending yogurt, water and other ingredients such as salt, sugar, spices or fruit until the drink becomes frothy.
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Lassi is typically a yoghurt based drink which is made by blending yoghurt with sugar, ice and various Indian spices. It originated in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan and
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