What Is Latin for That Is?


Latin is a language from Italy that was spoken originally in Ancient Rome and Latium. It is a descendant of the ancient Proto-Indo-European language. It is a language that is highly inflected with seven noun cases, three distinct genders and six tenses.
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The term Latin refers to a language that was mainly used in ancient Rome and its empire. This term can also be used to refer to a person or an inhabitant of the ancient Latium.
The phrase 'that is' is translated to 'quae' in Latin. Latin is an Italian Language which was originally spoken by the ancient Romans. Quite a number of people still use it although it is otherwise a dead language.
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Latin is a kind of language that originally spoke in Latium and Rome. In early century latin language become international language and spread in European country.
1. Find a local school that offers Latin or search online for an Internet course, which several colleges offer. See references for more information. 2. While taking a course is a
In order to translate your name into Latin, one would first need to know just what your name actually is. You can try to research the etymology on your own name to see if a Latin
you need to know the subject you using to use will be. I will be - ero. you will be (singular) - Eris. he/she/it will be - erit. we will be - erimus. you will be (plural) - eritis
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The Latin phrase that literally means before is pre. The phrase has been used vastly in English to the extent that it is assumed to be an English word. It is used ...
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