What Is Latin Music?


Latin America has produced a variety of genres combining European folk music, African music and native traditions. Latin American genres shares similar characters that made it a common koine. These genres includes: Tango, Son, Salsa, Samba, Bossanova, Tropicalia, Tejano, and Jazz Latino.
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Son clave is one of the most used rhythmic patterns used in Latin music. It is a two-bar pattern in 4/4 time, each bar made up of a total of five notes. There are two main varieties
South American music.
Chris Strachwitz, founder of Arhoolie Records, has loved Tex-Mex and Frontera music for decades, traveling the southwest and Mexico recording too many artists to count, not many of
Trying to define Latin Urban music is like trying to define Latin music: It is almost impossible. However, we can say that Latin Urban music is still largely defined by Reggaeton,
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Latin music is a series of music that blends influences from African, Spanish and indigenous sources. It is popular within the Central and South American regions. It is popular depending on the country e.g. the Tango is Argentina's most famous dance and has become famous all around the world, while Cuba has famous Latin Musical styles such as the Rumba and Salsa.
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