What Is Leather Match Furniture?


Leather match furniture is an upholstered seat with a mixture of real leather and vinyl. The two are typically dyed to match so that their distinctions are almost unnoticeable. It is less costly compared to all-leather furniture since it combines the use of vinyl.
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The main reason leather match is used by furniture manufacturers is the price. It is less expensive than all-leather furniture, because it combines the use of vinyl. Leather match
There is only one as far as I'm concerned. Stressless. Go to a local retailer.
Full Grain-highest quality,Top Grain-2nd best-imitation grain
After looking around at many, I went with Berkline for both affordability, multiple styles of leather, and great design of hardware. I have had a leather queen sleeper sofa and leather
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What is Leather Match Furniture?
Leather match furniture is upholstered with a combination of real leather and vinyl. The two are dyed to match, so that their differences are almost undetectable.... More »
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