What Is Lebron James Famous for?


LeBron James is an American sportsman most famous for being a prolific basketball player. Popularly known as King James, LeBron turns plays in the NBA and for the United States national team. His talent was discovered when he was in high school where he thrice won the Mr. Basketball accolade.
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what makes him famous is that he entered the NBA after finishing high school and he turned out great.
Nobody but God and Lebron himself know where he's going to go. Being a Cavs fan, I hope he stays in Cleveland. If you're a Cavs fan, go to http://pleasedontleave23.com
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LeBron James
LeBron James is the superstar guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers and a four-time winner of the NBA's most valuable player award. LeBron James was a high school phenomenon in Akron, Ohio; he skipped college to jump straight to the NBA, at the same time... More »
Born: December 30, 1984 (age 30), Akron, Ohio
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LeBron James is the star guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association. James was a high school phenomenon; he skipped college to jump straight to the NBA, at the same time signing a $90 million endorsement deal with Phil Knigh
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