What is life cycle assessment?


The life cycle of a plant determines how long it will live. Annual plants, for example, complete their life cycle in one season. Annual plants will grow, flower, set its seed, and then die. You can find more
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( ′līf ′sī·kəl ə′ses·mənt ) (systems engineering) A methodology that identifies the environmental impacts associated with
Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is the science of measuring the environmental effects of a building "from cradle to grave," from the harvesting and extraction of the materials
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A product assessment refers to the verification and validation of the specified functionality and the development cycle of a product. The assessment normally cover ...
The life cycle is how an organism goes through life. What it entails is conception, birth, growth, attainment, decay, and death. ...
Life cycle is a course of developmental changes that take place in the life of an organism. In an organism, the lifecycle commences from its independent life form ...
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