What is lifespan?


For people, animals and plants, life span refers to the length of life, according to the Oxford Dictionaries. For equipment, machines, appliances and other products, life span describes the length of time for which the item is functional.

The phrase "expected life span" describes the length of time that the average human lives. As health and science evolves, human life spans get longer, according Scientific American. The expected life span, or useful life of a product, is one of the factors evaluated by potential buyers. A durable product that lasts longer offers more value than a product that is expensive and has a relatively short life span.

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A cricket usually lives less than one year, though as , if they can find a warm house, or better, someone to make them a home and provide water and food, their life span can be lengthened
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life span
the longest period over which the life of any organism or species may extend, according to the available biological knowledge concerning it.
the longevity of an individual.
Source: Dictionary.com
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