What can I do with limes?


Lime can be used for many things including hair and skin products, in drinks and foods as well as cleaning products. It has a desirable scent and adds a zest to recipes.
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Lime is a spicy evergreen tree that bears fruits resembling lemon but greener in colour. The fruits are oval (egg-shaped) in shape and acidic in nature and a used in seasoning food. Its wood produces high quality timber.
Lime is a white caustic alkaline substance made up of calcium oxide. Lime is obtained by heating limestone. Lime also refers to a rounded citrus fruit that is green, small and with a unique acid flavour.
Lime is used in various processes including, the production of sinter, treatment of pig iron, treating sewage and as a fluxing or bonding agent. It is a versatile chemical substance which is essential for numerous industrial processes and applications.
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