What Is Line Segment?


A line segment is a part of a line that is noted by two end points. A line segment includes the two end points, as well as all the points between the two end points.
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How am i supposed to kow this? I am in second grade!
( ′līn ′seg·mənt ) (mathematics) A connected piece of a line.
The line segments are called the sides of the polygon. Each endpoint is called a
1. Label the line segment if necessary. Label the point on the right side of the line segment Point A. Label the point on the left side of the line segment Point B. 2. Place a ruler
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A line segment is one-dimensional. It is a measureable length, with two end points and technically no width.
A line segment is a line used in math. A line segment will have a point on each end and then there will be points between them. The points will each be given a number so one end will start with a number, the other end will end with a number, and the points in between will be all numbers in between the two.
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