What Is Line Segment?


A line segment is a part of a line that is noted by two end points. A line segment includes the two end points, as well as all the points between the two end points.
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A segment is a part or a piece of something larger. A line segment is a part of a line that connects two points, called endpoints. Like a line, a line segment is a one-dimensional
One line segment is 180 degrees because it is a straight line. If you have 2 or more intersecting line segments, the degree of the angle will vary.
A line segment is a part of a line, bounded by two distinct end points,
1. Locate the endpoints on the line. They will each be labeled with a single letter. 2. Write the two letters that indicate the endpoints. 3. Draw a small horizontal line over the
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A line segment is one-dimensional. It is a measureable length, with two end points and technically no width.
A line segment is a line used in math. A line segment will have a point on each end and then there will be points between them. The points will each be given a number so one end will start with a number, the other end will end with a number, and the points in between will be all numbers in between the two.
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