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Linear motion is motion along a straight line and is described mathematically using only one spatial dimension. It can be uniform, that is, with constant velocity or non-uniform, that is, with a variable velocity.
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1. Plug in "0, for the value of "t, to determine the object's initial position in relation to the origin on a set of "x" and "y" axes. For instance,
- Uniform Linear motion: with constant velocity. Non Uniform Linear motion: with variable velocity.
"Linear" means 'directly proportional; of or in or along or relating to a line' "Motion"
Linear motion is motion of a particle along a straight line over a given period of time. In general, you are given a function in terms of "t" which tells you where on the
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What Is Linear Motion?
Motion is a phenomenon that is best explained by a variety of physics-related theories. Linear motion, as its name suggests, is the motion of an object in a single direction. An object in linear motion will remain that way unless a certain type of force... More »
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Linear motion is movement that is constrained to a straight line as, for example, in a dropped object. On a small enough scale, all motion can be approximated by linear motion. Some physics texts prefer the term 'Dimensional Kinematics.'
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Linear motion is the movement of a body along a line in a certain direction. It can be either forward or backward, along a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction ...
A motion, in which change in velocity in each unit of time is constant, is called the uniformly accelerated linear motion, example when a body moves in a straight ...
There are several types of motion these are, simple harmonic motion, linear motion, reciprocating motion, Brownian motion, circular motion and rotary motion. ...
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