What are some examples of linear motion?


There are many examples of linear motion in everyday life, such as when an athlete runs along a straight track. Linear motion is the most basic of all motions and is a common part of life.

Based on Newton's first low of motion, any object that doesn't experience a net force will constantly move in a straight line at the same velocity, which is called linear motion. For example, if a person were pushed in outer space, they would continue moving at the same speed without ever stopping or changing direction unless another force acts upon them.

Linear motion is used constantly. An example of this is a car driving along a straight road. In fact, cars constantly transition between linear and rotational motion. According to HowStuffWorks, in a car engine, the pistons move in a linear motion, which is then converted into a rotational motion by the car's crankshaft. At the same time, the rack and pinion gearset of a car will convert the rotational motion of a steering wheel into linear motion, which turns the wheels.

Even power door locks are examples of linear motion. Using the same rack and pinion gearset that is found in cars, a lock will convert the rotational motion of a motor to linear motion to move the lock.

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Linear motion refers to any motion that moves along a straight line in one direction. The direction can either be in a horizontal, vertical or inclined direction. An object in linear
"Linear" means 'directly proportional; of or in or along or relating to a line' "Motion"
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What Is Linear Motion?
Motion is a phenomenon that is best explained by a variety of physics-related theories. Linear motion, as its name suggests, is the motion of an object in a single direction. An object in linear motion will remain that way unless a certain type of force... More »
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Linear motion is the movement of a body along a line in a certain direction. It can be either forward or backward, along a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction ...
A motion, in which change in velocity in each unit of time is constant, is called the uniformly accelerated linear motion, example when a body moves in a straight ...
There are several types of motion these are, simple harmonic motion, linear motion, reciprocating motion, Brownian motion, circular motion and rotary motion. ...
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