What Is Liquid?


Liquid is one of three states of matter. A liquid is a free form, and therefore takes on the form of whatever item it is held by, or held on. It is, however, considered a condensed matter. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquid
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Liquids freeze under specific conditions. In order for a liquid like water to freeze, the temperature must be considered freezing which is anything under 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
A. liquidity squeeze. occurs when a financial event sparks concerns among financial institutions (such as banks) regarding the short-term availability of money. These concerns may
Once a company is ordered to liquidate, it will typically remain a going concern long enough to wind up its operations. This might include filling remaining orders, paying suppliers
Liquidation is the conversion of hard assets (land, buildings, equipment) into liquid assets (money) Basically, it means selling stuff. Usually you need to liquidate in order to obtain
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A liquid is a substance whose molecules are bound less tightly than in a solid. Liquids take the shape of their containers, but have fixed volumes.
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