What Is the Meaning of Liquid Capital?


Liquid capital refers to assets which are readily convertible to cash and its equivalent. Liquid capital is held by the government, companies and individuals to help them meet the day to day recurrent expenditures. Liquidity of assets is heavily affected by the economic and political conditions prevailing in a country.
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1. Sell land. When it comes to liquidity, land has two strikes against it: It is difficult, expensive and time-consuming to sell, and it does not generally generate a cash income
go to www.agsm.ucr.edu/faulty/staff/poliments/trading.pdf for a good explanation of depth and liquidity. but for me all they tell me is that a market if active and that trades are
Liquid Capital or Fluid Capital is a readily convertible asset, such as money or
Cash. It means funds that are readily available and not tied up in any long term investments.
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Liquid capital is a type of asset a person or company has. Liquid capital is always funds that are easily accessible, like cash or precious stones, rather than investments.
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