What is listening?


Listening is the absorption and understanding of sound by the brain. This is more than hearing, which is physical.

It is possible to hear something but not really listen to it. The ears can pick up sounds, but the brain doesn't necessarily process the information. Listening is when an individual makes an active effort to concentrate on the noise and understand it. In the case of a conversation with another person, to listen is to actively understand the words that the other person is saying. A listening individual is not distracted by outside stimuli and does not interrupt the person speaking with observations.

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Listening is paying close attention to what a speaker is saying, and being able to absorb information and ask questions later. A good listener learns from what he/she is hearing.
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We use this term in elementary and young-adult education to describe an active and engaged listener, someone who is taking in information and processing it. The trouble (for a teacher
To listen is to observe a sound being made. If Jane said, "Shh, listen to that! She would be asking you to be quiet so that the two of you could observe the sound. I hope this
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to give attention with the ear; attend closely for the purpose of hearing; give ear.
to pay attention; heed; obey (often followed by to): Children don't always listen to their parents.
to wait attentively for a sound (usually followed by for): to listen for sounds of their return.
Informal. to convey a particular impression to the hearer; sound: The new recording doesn't listen as well as the old one.
Archaic. to give ear to; hear.
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