What Is Made of Zinc?


Zinc helps to create many different things that are used today and that were used in ancient times. Zinc helps to create brass, iron and most other metals.
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Identification. Zinc is an element, number 30 on the periodic table of elements. Zinc is blue in color. Since it is one of the transition metals, it conducts both heat and electricity
Zinc is chemically similar to its neighbor copper and, due to having similarly-sized ions, magnesium. It is bluish pale gray or white. Zinc is a mineral that humans need on a daily
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stupid question of course it is the hardest material in the universe.
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Brass, nickel silver, typewriter metal, commercial bronze, spring bronze, German silver, soft solder, and aluminum solder are some alloys that were formed using zinc with a combination of other metals. You can find more information here: http://www. radiochemistry. org/periodictable/elements/30. html
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