What is Madonna's daughter's name?


Madonna has two daughters: Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon and Chifundo Mercy James. Lourdes is Madonna's natural child, while Madonna adopted "Mercy" from Malawi in 2009.

Lourdes, also known as Lola, is Madonna's eldest child. Born Oct. 14, 1996, her father is fitness trainer Carlos Leon. In 2010 Madonna and Lourdes launched a fashion line aimed at younger women called Material Girl, according to iVillage.

"Mercy" was born Jan. 22, 2006. Her unmarried 18-year-old mother died shortly after the child was born. The child's biological father opposed the adoption, but Madonna prevailed in persuading the Malawi government to allow her to adopt the child despite the country's 18-month residency requirement.

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