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A magnetic field is a vector field that surrounds a magnet. You can see a magnetic field if you place a magnet under a piece of paper sprinkled with iron filings. the filings will line up along the lines of the magnetic field. You can find more information here: http://www.coolmagnetman.com/magfield.htm
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A couple of things can be done to create a magnetic field one is connect a battery to a magnet. Be aware that too much power can overheat, and cause problems. For more information
The magnetic field around a wire is. Note that the radius of the wire does not matter if the current density is uniform.
A magnetic field line can be thought of as consisting of lines of force. The forces of magnetic attraction and repulsion move along the lines of force. These can be illustrated to
( ′sō·lər mag′ned·ik ′fēld ) (astrophysics) The magnetic field that pervades the ionized and highly conducting gas composing the sun.
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magnetic field
a region of space near a magnet, electric current, or moving charged particle in which a magnetic force acts on any other magnet, electric current, or moving charged particle.
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A magnetic field is the mathematical expression of the field of influence for magnetic materials and electric currents. A magnetic field is usually expressed in ...
A magnetic field is caused by the movement of energy. For example, when electricity moves through a wire, a magnetic field forms around the wire. Energy currents ...
You can make an magnetic field with a simple electromagnet. To make an electromagnet simply wrap wire around a large steal bolt. Connect the ends of the wires ...
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