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The term makeup refers to a set of cosmetics that are applied to the face to develop or transform someone's appearance. This term can also be defined as the way the manner in which something or someone is composed.
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Mineral makeup is a type of makeup that is made from organic minerals. Types of mineral makeup includes foundations, eye shadows, blushes and even lipsticks.
Cosmeticsdatabase.com discusses brands of makeup that can be harmful to you and should be avoided, as well as the contents of these products and the potential damage that they might
Foundation makeup is the most common type of mineral makeup. You can also find blush, eye shadows and lipsticks within the category. Lipsticks can contain ingredients other than minerals
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facial cosmetics, as eye shadow or lipstick.
cosmetics used on other parts of the body, as to cover birthmarks.
the application of cosmetics.
the ensemble or effect created by such application: Her makeup was subtle but very effective.
the total ensemble of cosmetics, wigs, costumes, etc., used by an actor or other performer.
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