What does "malleable" mean?


Malleable is having the capacity of change something. If you have a clay ball and you want to alter it you can use a hammer to alter the shape of the clay ball.
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Malleability is the ability of a material to be shaped, e.g. hammered into sheets, without breaking. It is a physical property of plastics and some metals. Examples: When plasticine
( ′mal·yə·bə′līz ) (metallurgy) To render a material malleable, such as by heat-treating white cast iron.
Malleable iron pipe fittings can come in black and galvanized finishes. The three forms of malleable cast iron include whiteheart, blackheart and pearlitic malleable cast iron. The
It means not flexible, not able to be molded or shaped by hammering...
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capable of being extended or shaped by hammering or by pressure from rollers.
adaptable or tractable: the malleable mind of a child.
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Something that is malleable is able to be shaped for formed by using some kind of pressure. It can also mean easily controlled or easily influenced.
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