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Manufacturing is the term used to refer to the process of using tools, machines and labour to produce goods that are either for use or for sale. The term is commonly used or applied to industrial production but it may also refer to human activity, handicraft and also high-tech processes. The process of manufacturing turns raw materials into processed goods which can either be for sale or for local use.
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Petroleum refining comprises more than one-quarter of Texas's total manufacturing output. This industry accounts for the state's largest export sector, with the main goods consisting
This is a business concept. It means whether or not an item or product is viable from a business perspective. That means if it is worth creating the product on a large scale (quantity
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adjective Made by human beings instead of nature: artificial, manmade, synthetic. See culture/nature.
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the making of goods or wares by manual labor or by machinery, especially on a large scale: the manufacture of television sets.
the making or producing of anything; generation: the manufacture of body cells.
the thing or material manufactured; product: Plastic is an important manufacture.
to make or produce by hand or machinery, especially on a large scale.
to work up (material) into form for use: to manufacture cotton.
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Manufacturing is defined as the making of goods or wares by manual labour or by machinery, in particular on a large scale. The movement of manufacturing includes any activity that fits the definition of manufacturing, irrespective of whether the activity relates to private individuals, organisations whose principal business is not manufacturing, or organisations whose principal business is manufacturing.
Manufacturing is the production and creation of products in massive amounts. Manufacturing normally relies on heavy equipment and machinery. You can find more info at: dictionary.reference.com
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