What Is Marginalization?


Marginalization can be defined as the process in which groups of people are excluded (marginalized) by the wider society. Marginalization is often used in an economic or political sense to refer to the rendering of an individual, an ethnic or national group, or a nation-state powerless by a more powerful individual.
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to place in a position of marginal importance, influence, or power: the government's attempts to marginalize criticism and restore public confidence.
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Marginalization is a simultaneous process of social, economic, psychological and physical deterioration in which a drug user loses control of his or her drug use. This term is also used to describe the process and outcome of distancing visible, powerless, stigmatized individuals and/or groups from a mainstream society.
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A Marginalized Group refers to a group of people who had been relegated to the lower echelons, or outer edges, of society based on gender, education, genealogy ...
A marginalized population is a class of people who have been relegated to the fringe of the society which prevents them from meaningful participation in society. ...
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