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to crush: He mashed his thumb with a hammer.
to reduce to a soft, pulpy mass, as by beating or pressure, especially in the preparation of food.
to mix (crushed malt or meal of grain) with hot water to form wort.
a soft, pulpy mass.
a pulpy condition.
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Mash is a uniform mass that can be made by crushing a substance into a soft pulp, sometimes this can only be achieved with the addition of a liquid. Most common mash is mash potatoes which are made by crushing potatoes to make human food. Mash can also be use d to refer to bran that is mixed with hot water to form warm food to be fed to horses, cattle and other animals.
Mash is a television series made in America and developed B Larry Gelbert. The movie revolves around a Korean hospital who use humour and hijinks to keep sane in the time of war and it’s horrors.
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The television show M*A*S*H was filmed in both Calabasas, Los Angeles County, California outside Malibu and at a sound stage in Fox studios.
The potatoes should be cut in half or left whole if small, with pieces uniform to ensure even cooking. Cover potatoes with cold water, and add about one teaspoon of sea salt to the
Every cook needs to master the basics and knowing how to make fluffy mashed potatoes is one. Adding just the right amount of milk is the key to producing a fluffy, tasty mixture.
A film, a televisiom series and an acronym for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, all related to the Korean War era. The movie and the TV series were also based in part on the novel MASH
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