What Is Mass Communication?


Mass communication is a field of study that covers the various means used by people to relay information via mass media, to the large portions of the population at the same time. Some of the most common methods include using televisions and newspapers.
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What is Mass Communication?
Mass communication is the mass production of messages that reach a huge number of people, and the Internet, television and books are all examples of communication reaching the masses. Understand the idea behind mass communication with help from a... More »
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Mass communication is the correspondence between a large group of people. Mass communication can be used in the form of television, radio, and other media sources. Mass communication allows many people to hear certain information.
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Mass communication is a term used for any method of communication that is able to be received by a large audience. Newspapers are perhaps the earliest form. Others include radio,
According to businessdictionary.com, mass communication is “non-personal channels of broadcasting a message to the general public, principally the national newspapers, radio
Satellite technology is ubiquitous in radio and television broadcasting. Broadcasters collect and distribute news and information on television and radio. At television news
Newspaper editors, news directors and other authoritative figures in media that control what information gets through to the audience.
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Careers in Mass Communications are plentiful. With a degree in mass Communications one can become a journalist or a newscaster. The different journalist positions ...
Mass communications is the use of mass media such as radio, television, the internet or print to convey information directly to a large segment of the public. ...
Mass communications is the academic study of the various means that individuals and entities use to relay information through mass media to segments of the population ...
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