What Is Mass Communication?


Mass communication is a field of study that covers the various means used by people to relay information via mass media, to the large portions of the population at the same time. Some of the most common methods include using televisions and newspapers.
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According to businessdictionary.com, mass communication is “non-personal channels of broadcasting a message to the general public, principally the national newspapers, radio
disadvantages of mass comm. it is targetted to a large number of population who may receive the message in different ways with different meanings. there is no interpersonal communication
Communication is the way that people or animals or insects communicate with one another. People use words. Animals use barks, meows, etc. Insects communicate through tapping, buzzing
When two air masses meet, they do not necessarily combine. What happens is, they usually form a front. This could be a cold front, a warm front or even a stationary front. A stationary
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What is Mass Communication?
Mass communication is the mass production of messages that reach a huge number of people, and the Internet, television and books are all examples of communication reaching the masses. Understand the idea behind mass communication with help from a... More »
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Mass communication is the correspondence between a large group of people. Mass communication can be used in the form of television, radio, and other media sources. Mass communication allows many people to hear certain information.
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So the characteristics of mass communication is that it is heterogeneous. This is because it speaks to people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds. ...
The definition of mass communication is when an individual or company uses television, radio, or national press to deliver a message to the general public. It ...
Some of the types of mass communication is using e-mail, television, radio, regular postal mail, fliers, road sign advertisements, web sites, and airplane banners ...
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